Naree Pooja
Naree Pooja
Posted on 16 Oct 2020

Naree Pooja held at Chakkulathukavu Shree Baghavathy Temple on Dec 19,2014. The Pooja performed by Brahamasree Manikuttan Namboothiri to Mrs Matangi Sathaya Murthy. Hindu tradition had always bestowed reverence and acceptance to Indian womanhood. It often reminded humanity that a woman who is respected is the cause for prosperity whereas a woman is dishonoured is exactly like fire and can annihilate everything. We had even women who rose themselves to the pinnacle of spirituality and gave new dimensions to our culture. The Brihadaranya Upanishad pictures Maitreyi whose question to her husband Yaganvalkya is thought provoking. “Oh Lord shall I reach that state of fulfillment of ‘Amritvatva’’ if the whole of this prosperous universe becomes mine? Or else tell me how I can reach this state of ‘Amritvatva’.

Such subtle tones of spirituality are reflected in the lives of saintly women like Gargi, Sarada Devi or the like. Indra who glorify at the position of women in our cultural society. Rig Veda shows us how Indra was all praise for his wife who he believed as the basis of his prosperities. We again have the brilliant scene of Lord Shiva seating his wife Parvathy in the diamond decked throne in the evening before starting the dance. The Lord was fingering towards the importance of women in the family in order to usher in peace and progress. We may also remember the famous saying.

“Yethra Naryasthu Poojayante

Remantha thathra Devatha”

Where ever women are adored the Gods get pleased. Our temple has absorbed this glowing concept and introduced a very appealing ceremony “The Naree Pooja”. Women are seated on specially arranged seats. Their feet are respectfully washed. This is an indirect expression of the divine Mother. Thousands of women are invited to take part in this function. Innumerable devotees stand as witness to this rare ritual that proclaims the potency and glory of the divine Mother.