Posted on 4 Nov 2020

Thrikkarthika that falls on the malayalam month of Vrischika is an important day of the Temple. This day became famous after a surprising incident that took place in 1851. A Friday of 1981 at 3.30 a.m in the early morning. Some devotees had gathered to have the “Nirmalya Darsanam”. Everyone was amazed to see rings of perfumed smoke all around. Rare glow of light was seen in front of the temple. No body could discern what was happening. As the priest opened the temple, everyone was spell bound. All the lamps inside were alive with a unique touch of brilliance.

 The Karthika Pillar

A tall areca nut tree is erected for this purpose. Plantain, straw and similar items are wound over the pillar. This pillar is symbolic of all evils. As dawn blooms, the Goddess is respectfully invoked and seated east wise in front of the temple. The pillar is given fire now. Wild flames seem to reach the sky. Finally the flames subside. The principle is that all the badness is given to flames thereby paving way for all goodness to emerge. Immediately after the burning of the pillar, a number of gentle flames are seen coming alive from the small clay dishes arranged all around. This is the Lakhadeepam or one  lakh  flames. People kindles the small clay dishes which contain oil and cotton thread. It is a sight of sights to see the whole temple surroundings immersed and illuminated by active flames. This ritual again has a symbolic moral that goodness ultimately dominates badness. The yellow flames dispel all layers of ignorance from the human minds and equip them with real knowledge.

The goddess is then invoked back to the temple. Deeparadhan is then performed.