Chakkulathukavu Pandrandu Noyampu

This is the type of fasting and prayer which qualifies the devotee for eternal blessing of Chakkulathamma. This fasting starts every year from the first day of the Malayalam month of Dhanu till the twelfth. Men and women irrespective of age, caste or creed can resort to this powerful fasting. They have a streamlined life with a bath in the early morning and chanting of Devi mantras as far as possible. They adhere to strict vegetarianism and totally shun cigarettes or liquors. ‘Brahmacharya’ or a condition of celibacy is observed during this period. The devotee uses only fresh and moderate food. He has to be calm and nonviolent in thought, word and action. Mental and bodily purity, unpolluted love towards god and fellow beings etc have to be specially boosted during the time of fasting.

Visits to Holy places and temples, recitation of scriptures and mingling with sages and the learned are a lively part of this interval. Several are the pilgrims who reach the temple with “Irumudikettu” (bag with two parts) upon their heads, Eleventh day is significant and there is the ‘Kalasabhishekam’. On the twelfth day children, women and men hold ‘Kavadi’ (Semi circular wooden frames decorated with flowers and feather) This is called “Ammachi kavadi”. 

The results that the devotes gain through this act are varied and wonderful. They are blessed in the multifaceted phases of material existence like proper marriage, worthy children, fruitful jobs, real knowledge and prosperities. Many are the persons who were able to shatter the fetter of evil friendships, intoxication destructive ways of life or aberrant  existence. Discrepancies of family life, unexpected attack of disease and absence of real love are all rectified. In short the ‘Pandrandu Noyambu’is a ladder of blessing to reach pastures of peace and prosperity.

Pilgrims attain an indefinable sense of security and sanctity after observing this penance. They chant the names of Devi with added vigor and commitment. When they return after the 12th  day they have only prayer and that is for a blessing to observe this fasting in the coming years also.