Brahma Sree R.K Namboodiri
Sri R K Namboodiri has stamped a vivid impression in the spiritual sphere of kerala and outside through his life of extreme spirituality as well as his predictions in betel astrology. Lakhs of people meet him for solace and blessings. He is the guide, guardian and philosopher for innumerable pilgrims in search of Shanthi”. 
The betel astrology is performed with the help of seven betel leaves and arecanut which the pilgrims brings. He examines the shape, nature and marks of the leaves and analyses the past, present and future of the devotees. He also uses a special conch which is rotated and its position observed, to make predictions.
Sri R K Namboodiri is the chief preist of the temple. He gives directions in all the spiritual routines of the shrine. He is a refuge and shelter to numberless pilgrims who reach the temple with bundles of burdens, he suggests remedies for their sorrows and paves way for their all round prosperity.
He has deeper understanding about the age-old traditions of this temple and channels each activity for the ultimate welfare of others. It is he who directs the various spiritual endeavours like poojas, pledge for liberation from intoxication, curing of the weak, distrbution of medicate water and the like. It is because of his novelty and commitment that a number of Yagnas, yaga and rare poojas are condcted evey year in this temple. A humble soul with and inimitable simplicity, Sri R K Namboodiri is belived to have received special blessings from the Goddess. No wonder, he has become the ultimate shelter for lakhs of devotees.